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  title  Gilts Call & ICD service

Inter Corporate Deposits

For short term cash management of the rich corporates, the company offers to borrow through Inter corporate deposits. The company has P1+ credit rating (Highest Rating in its category) for an amount of Rs. 250 crores.

The company offers two variables of the Inter Corporate Deposits :

Fixed Rate ICD : the quantum/ rates/ term to maturity of the ICD are negotitaed by the two parties at the beginning of the contract and remains same for the entire term of the ICD. As per the RBI guidelines the minimum period of the ICD is 7 days and can be extended to peiod of 1 year. The rates are generally linked to Interbank Call Money Market Rates.
Floating Rate ICD : Corporates interested in using the daily volatility of the call money market are offered Floating Rate ICD which may be benchmarked/ linked to either NSE Overnight Call/ Reuters Overnight Call rates. The corporates are also given Put/ Call option after 7 days for managing their funds in the event of uncertainty of availability of idle funds.

Corporates with short term surplus funds, may contact us expecting good returns and may place Rs.5 crores and above with us for periods starting from a minimum of 7 days as Inter Corporate Deposits (ICD) and earn high rates. ICD's placed with us will enable you to earn interest on very short term floats with zero risk to your funds. Contact us at: 011-23324385

Call / Notice Money

Call money market is that part of the national money market where the day to day surplus funds, of banks and primary dealers, are traded in.Call/ Notice money market ranges between one day to 14 days borrowing and considered as highly liquid. Other key feature is that the borrowings are unsecured and the interest rates are very volatile depending on the demand and supply of the short term surplus/ defeciency amongst the interbank players.

PNB Gilts being an active player in the Call/Notice money market enables to offer very attractive rates to Scheduled Banks and Co-operative Banks for their day to day surpluses.

Call Money - Overnight

Notice Money - 2 to 14 days