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  title  Market News Updates
July Consumer Price Inflation at 3.78% y-o-y
Job Opportunities With PNBGILTS
WPI inflation figure for April comes at -2.65%.
CPI based inflation comes in at 4.87% for April and IIP marked at 2.1% for the month of March.
The CPI based inflation figure for the month of March (YoY) comes in at 5.17% Vs 5.37% of February.
IIP for the month of February comes in at 5% as against 2.6% in January.
Reserve Bank of India keeps the policy Repo Rate unchanged at 7.5%.
WPI inflation figure comes at -2.06% for February against -0.39% of January.
IIP for the month of January came at 2.6% as against 1.7% in December 2014.
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