Opening a GILT Account with PNB GILTS LTD.

PNB Gilts Ltd., being a Primary Dealer is permitted to maintain a Constituent SGL Account with the Reserve Bank of India. The company is permitted to offer the facility of Gilt account to its clients through this Constituent SGL Account This account is different from its own SGL account, and is used exclusively for maintaining the Treasury Bills and Government Securities of its constituent clients in dematerialised form.

For opening a Gilt Account with PNB Gilts Ltd., the client has to enter into an agreement with PNB Gilts Ltd. In addition the following documents have to be submitted:

True copy of Board Resolution for operating and opening Constituent SGL Account with PNB Gilts Ltd.
True copy of Board Resolution authorising the company’s/firms officials to place orders for sale/purchase of securities, alongwith their specimen signatures.
True Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association of company/organisation, last three years annual reports.
Attested copies of PAN card, address proof.