Facilities Available to a GILT Account holder of PNB GILTS LTD.

The following facilities are extended to Gilt Account Holders (GAH):

Advices: On purchase or sale of a government security PNB Gilts sends an advice to the GAH giving full details of the transactions entered into on behalf of the GAH.
Statements: The company sends a fornightly/quarterly statement to each GAH which gives details of the balance securities held in the Account as at the end of the fortnight/quarter.
Audited Certificates: PNB Gilts sends a half yearly statement to each GAH confirming the balances of the securities in the GAH’s account. This statement is sent after being certified by the auditors.
Dematerialisation/ Rematerialisation: On the request of GAHs, PNB Gilts gets the existing physical scrips of government securities dematerialised and credited to the gilt account. If the GAH desires physical scrips of some government securities, PNB Gilts obtains the rematerialised physical scrips for the GAHs on their request.
Interest collections: On interest collection dates PNB Gilts collects the interest on government securities held in demat form from the Reserve Bank of India on behalf of GAH and pays the same to the GAH.
Collection of redemption proceeds/Maturity proceeds: The maturity proceeds of Treasury bills and government securities are collected by PNB Gilts from Reserve Bank of India on the due date and paid to the GAH.
Primary Market auctions: PNB Gilts submits bids in Primary Market auctions of government securities as per instructions received from the GAH on their behalf.
Open market operations: PNB Gilts also undertakes activities in the open market operations of Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the GAH, as per their instructions