The Reserve Bank of India launched the RBI Retail Direct Scheme on November 12, 2021 with the objective to provide a one-stop access to retail investors into the Government securities market. This facility enables retail investors to purchase and sell  government securities in the primary and secondary markets through the designated portal of RBI over the internet. 

Under this scheme, retail investors can open a Retail Direct Gilt (RDG) account with the Reserve Bank of India online and invest a minimum of Rs 10,000 per security. The RBI does not charge any fee to open and maintain an RDG account with it. The registered users not onlygain access to the primary market issuance of Government Securities upto the limit mandated by RBI, but are also allowed access to the NDS OM secondary market portal through the odd lot segment and the Request for Quote(RFQ) segment. RDG account holders may also retrieve their holding statement from the portal on a daily basis.

PNB Gilts Ltd, as a primary dealer, is present on the NDS-OM platform throughout market hours and promptly responds to buy and sell requests from Retail Direct Gilt Account Holders as mandated by the RBI. We have been active in this segment from day zero and continue to serve retail investors in our endeavor to provide enhanced access to them into the government securities market.

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